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Healing Touch and Energy Medicine
The human energy system is a biofield, a vital life-force, that is within, and around the human body, communicating with all systems and functions and affecting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of the individual.  The energy field interfaces with others and the environment on an energetic level. 

Energy Medicine addresses the individual and environment energetically, striving to correct imbalances and dis-harmony through energy-based modalities. Many disciplines, including Quantum Physics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Healing, and Spiritual Healing are considered Energy Medicine, and are defining the scope and understanding of the dynamic interaction of the human and environmental energy system. 

Healing Touch is a holistic therapy that uses gentle, non-invasive touch to bring balance and harmony to the human energy field, placing the client in a better position to self heal.  The Healing Touch practitioner brings heart-centered care and compassion while utilizing techniques to clear, restore and support the energy system, which enhances and accelerates the healing process, facilitates wound healing, reduces pain and anxiety, creates deep relaxation, and enhances spiritual development.  Healing Touch complements conventional healthcare, is used in collaboration with other approaches to healing, and is supported through both research and anecdotal evidence as an effective and safe treatment for all health problems.

The Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) has taken an intensive course of instruction and experiential learning from the Healing Touch Program and has been recognized by the Healing Touch International board of directors/healers as an effective, knowledgeable and safe practitioner. For more information on Healing Touch please visit


Healing through Hypnotherapy occurs by accessing the subconscious mind to understand and change thoughts, beliefs and behaviors which hinder ones ability to reach their highest potential. Through trance, a deep state of relaxation is reached, the conscious mind is bypassed, and the center of imagination, memory, and possibility is opened. 

Hypnotherapy helps one navigate through conflict to a place of greater strength and authenticity, achieve healthy relationships, reduce stress and pain, recover from trauma, stop smoking, lose weight, explore emotional issues and triggers, accelerate healing from surgery or injury, and heal the source of problems across time through regression therapy.   

Hypnotherapy provides the tools to access internal wisdom and spiritual resources, boosts self confidence in problem solving strategies, and helps maintain healthier levels of energy.  It is safe, effective and can bring about dramatic changes in behavior and thinking in a short period of time.


Aromatherapy is the use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils for their healing properties.  Essential oils (EO) are 100% pure botanical extracts, or plant hormones.  Because of their extremely small molecular size, essential oils move easily into the circulatory system via the capillaries when applied to the skin, and the nose and lungs when inhaled.  They are quickly absorbed and circulated throughout the body and within a few minutes every cell in the body is affected by their subtle properties.  Research has measured their vibrational qualities in mega-hertz, and it is known that this vibration can be enhanced when held and energized by an energy healer.

Essential oils can be used alone or in synergistic combinations for their effects on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health problems.  Aroma-massage to the feet assists in opening the energy field, promoting relaxation, and enhancing the effects of energy healing on a deeper level.  Historically, essential oils have been used for spiritual and physical healing for centuries, and they are still considered primary medicine in France and other countries.   

Essential oils are Natures way of capturing light and passing it from the heavens through plants to us.  They bridge the gap between matter and spirit.

Cross-Cultural Shamanism and Spiritual Healing

Shamanic Healing has been practiced by indigenous/ tribal people for centuries.  In ancient times healing was delegated to a medicine man or woman, who had learned the healing practices from the ancestors.. These practices required that the healer work in non-ordinary reality (NOR) with the helping spirits of animals, plants nature, and the ancestors, developing a means of communication and observation that served to bring about healing for individuals, and the environment.   Today, through the work of anthropologists, Native Shamans, Complementary medicine, and individuals who have extensively studied Shamanic practices, we have a  modern-day practice of Cross-cultural Shamanism.   When needed, Shamanic practitioners may utilize Remote Healing, Power Animal Retrieval, Soul-Retrieval, Spirit Releasement/Extractions, Plant-Spirit Medicine, Assistance in the Death Transition, Clearing Buildings/Homes, and Healing for the Earth, to assist their clients. For more information please visit
Spiritual Healing requires aligning the energy field to connect with the Highest Spiritual Powers, through the use of prayer, intention, and surrender to Divine Will. This allows profound healing of core issues in the soul to occur. Working with the energy of unconditional love, the practitioner calls for the protection and healing of the client, surrenders the outcome to Spirit, and becomes the conduit and messenger from the Spiritual realm to the client. The element of spiritual assistance is present in all energetic therapies, allowing the practitioner to use modalities and tools that are needed for the clients healing.  These tools include Sound, Energy, Prayer, Intuition, Shamanic Journeys, use of Symbols, Mantras and Affirmations, and connecting with spiritual helpers  such as Angels, Avatars, Saints, and Masters. The best word to describe this healing is grace.

Energetic, Shamanic and Spiritual healing may be accomplished remotely when a visit to the office is not possible.  Many times, families recognize a need and will request assistance for their loved one.                

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